Spooky Tricks

October 20, 2013

On the subject of all things spooky, one of my favorite books as a kid was Spooky Tricks by Rose Wyler and Gerald Ames with pictures by Talivalidis Stubis. The copy I had was originally purchased through Weekly Reader book order forms by my babysitter before it was passed along to me. It features all sorts of creeptastic magic tricks that can be done easily at home. And I just adore the illustrations.


Welcome, Dear Reader

October 1, 2013

Whether you’re living, dead, something in between, an old friend, or someone discovering our teen detective for the first time, we are grateful for your company on these, her most perilous adventures. Today debuts the latest case file entitled “Left Behind,” in which Agnes takes a much needed vacation, only to find that supernatural horrors are not exclusive to the big city. The art is by Jason Ho, the field agent responsible for visually archiving “The Mummified Heirloom,” the first documented appearance of Agnes Quill.

Updates for this current story are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays…assuming there is no interference from meddling spirits. Comments are welcome, and spreading of the word is encouraged.

To encourage your return, here is a preview of Page 2.

Pencils by Jason Ho

Pencils by Jason Ho

Special thanks to Lissa Pattillo for constructing and helping to maintain this digital tomb.