Agnes Quill is the story of a teenage detective, the haunted city she lives in, the strange cases she solves and the ghosts who help, hinder or just plain annoy her. Set in Legerdemain – a congested, fog-filled, cobblestone-paved Victorian city built around a cemetery the size of Central Park – Agnes’ adventures include confrontations with trapped spirits, cursed souls, possessed relatives, disappearing pets, decapitated scientists, ambitious zombies and a mess of other supernatural oddities.

The Contributors

Profile of field agents and artisans who have contributed to the archiving of these tales. Some were subject to hours of research spent socializing with dead people, getting trapped in crypts, and in one case being buried alive on and off for several days.

Dave Roman

Originating from a long island off the coast of the mainland, Dave is known for writing a series of pamphlets called Jax Epoch and the Quicken Forbidden, which focus on the exploits of a destructive teenage sorceress. He works in an editorial capacity for the Nickelodeon monthly periodical and has been known to independently draw things people have referred to as “cute.” These would include Astronaut Academy and contributions to the Flight anthologies. Dave first began writing about Agnes Quill while he was studying at the School of Visual Arts, where he began assembling artists with the hopes of turning her stories into illustrated archives. Dave’s website. Dave on Tumblr.

Jason Ho

A graduate of the SVA, Jason was the first artist to adapt Agnes Quill into illustrated form. A former laborer in the photography trade, he has spent many hours working in dark rooms being exposed to harsh chemicals. He has done artwork that was used in advertisements for fashionable textile manufacturers such as Babyphat. Jason on DeviantArt. Jason on Tumblr.

Jeff Zornow

Originating from a self-proclaimed motor city, Jeff’s linework has appeared in several places, including comics based on George Romero’s cinematic feature, Day of the Dead. He’s written and illustrated tales of horror for Cryptic Magazine, IDW’s Godzilla comic book, Image Comic’s Jungle Jim and used his art as a means of promotion and packaging for musicians. Jeff on DeviantArt

Raina Telgemeier

Born in a bay area, Raina has built a reputation for archiving events in her own life into a memoir known as Smile. Her work has also appeared in assorted anthologies, such as Explorer: The Mystery Boxes as well as the occasional computer feed. She has garnered much acclaim for her works resulting in a highly coveted Eisner Award. Raina also worked on a series of graphic novels depicting a gang of adolescent entrepreneurs called The Baby-sitters Club, all four of which are currently available in legitimate bookshops. Raina’s website. Raina on Tumblr.

Matt Bayne

Matt made waves in the world of action narratives with his seminal work, Knights of the Shroud, an intense medieval fantasy following the adventures of five vigilante women determined to end and avenge slavery. His knowledge of plant life, velocipedes, and rudimentary time travel has saved his skin on several occasions. Matt’s website. Matt on DeviantArt.

Jordyn F. Bochon

Jordyn grew up in a neighborhood of peach-colored duplexes in Edmonton, Alberta and currently lives in the mysterious Halifax region. Author of such sequentials as The Day after V-Day, she has acquired quite the reputation for documenting the Terrible Death of Finnegan Strappe and contributing to the legendary tome of Spera published by Archaia. She has the ability to telepathic ability to communicate with cats and particularly well-educated rodents. Jordyn’s website. Jordyn on Tumblr.